FA won't take action over Cenk Tosun's FA Cup celebration 1 year ago

FA won't take action over Cenk Tosun's FA Cup celebration

Tosun had been accused of using a far-right symbol after the goal

The Football Association will not take action with Everton striker Cenk Tosun after he was accused of using a hand gesture associated with a far-right militia group in Turkey during the Toffees' FA Cup victory over Rotherham on Saturday.


The 29-year-old scored the opener for Everton, and celebrated by pointing to the sky. It was his first goal for the club since 2019 after a prolonged spell out with injury.

Shortly afterwards, accusations regarding the intent behind his celebration were posted online, before being retracted. Tosun also received an apology from the person who first made the allegations.

"I’ve just had it confirmed that Tosun was asked about it and he said that the sign was not for the Grey Wolves but a gesture towards God. I’d like to apologise for my tweet, which was based solely on a spur of the moment assumption, and I’m very happy to know I was wrong," it said.


It had been alleged that Tosun had flashed a gesture used by a group known as the Grey Wolves, a militia which has carried out attacks on Kurds in Turkey and across the world.

Tosun, however, insisted that he had no connection to the group, and that he was merely pointing to God in thanks. The FA has looked into the matter and ruled that the player does not have a case to answer.