FA Cup winner to be awarded Champions League spot, but only if a 'big club' triumphs 3 months ago

FA Cup winner to be awarded Champions League spot, but only if a 'big club' triumphs

Uefa are planning to expand the Champions League from 32 teams to 36 teams

The winners of the FA Cup could qualify for the Champions League from 2024 onwards under new rules - but only if the club has a high co-efficient ranking in Uefa competitions.


As reported by the Telegraph, Uefa are working on plans to reform the Champions League - which would see the competition change from 32 teams to 36 teams. However, two of the extra places are set to go to clubs based on their 'historical significance'.

FA Cup Champions League

Teams would be required to win their domestic cup


The report adds that the proposals have been refined slightly with the 'legacy' team needing to have either finished one place outside the Champions League spots or won their domestic cup.

To use this season as an example, if Crystal Palace were to win the FA Cup, they would not be granted a spot in the Champions League as the Eagles do not have a co-efficient ranking.


In contrast, if, for whatever reason, Chelsea finished outside of the top four, but won the FA Cup, they would have a high enough co-efficient ranking to claim a Champions League place next the following season.

FA Cup Champions League

Premier League and FA against the rule change

The European Club Association had hoped that Uefa would scrap their plans to create a 'safety net' for the 'big clubs' should they fail to qualify for the Champions League under the current conditions.


It is suggested that the Premier League and FA are against the rule change, however, Uefa are reportedly close to reaching an agreement with the ECA which would see the changes come into play from the 2024/25 season.

In three of the last four seasons, the extra places would have gone to the two members of the s0-called Premier League 'big six' that failed to qualify for the competition through their league position.

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