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24th Aug 2015

Exeter player breaks his girlfriend’s wrist with wayward shot


Kevin Beirne

When you travel 200 miles just to see your boyfriend’s team lose 3-0, we’d forgive you for feeling a little bit broken.

But for Alice Woodyatt, the pain was not just emotional, after her boyfriend – Exeter City’s David Wheeler – broke her wrist with a wayward shot in the first half of his team’s League Two game against Northampton Town.


Amazingly, Woodyatt stayed for the entirety of the match, cheering on her partner despite the injury.

It wasn’t until after the final whistle blew that she decided to go to the hospital, telling The Sun:

I love to watch David play for Exeter and took all of my family to the game – including my grandad who is David’s biggest fan. David didn’t know the ball had hit me and I didn’t want to make a fuss.

“I didn’t realise how bad it was straight away so I sat and watched the first half – but by the second half I thought maybe something had happened. People are amazed I stayed to the end but David has been playing well and I wanted to watch him no matter what.”

Now that’s commitment.