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06th Jul 2018

Everyone made the same joke about Kylian Mbappe’s embarrassing dive


Darragh Murphy

Neymar has been rubbing off on Kylian Mbappe in more ways than one.

Mbappe announced himself to the world with a remarkable performance against Argentina in France’s Round of 16 triumph last weekend.

While the French forward had a quieter game in the next round, when Les Bleus put in a professional showing to end Uruguay’s tournament at the quarter-final stage, he ensured that his name would at least make some headlines.

Mbappe was clearly enjoying the 2-0 lead against an increasingly frustrated Uruguay side as he decided to break out some completely unnecessary showboating 20 minutes into the second half.

The 19-year-old soon hit the deck after the gentlest tap on his stomach from Cristian Rodriguez and replays showed just how minimal the contact was.

The act of simulation bore an uncanny resemblance to the theatrics displayed by Brazilian talisman Neymar throughout the World Cup.

And it was suggested that perhaps Mbappe had learned the art of over-exaggeration from his Paris Saint-Germain teammate.

“I am learning every day. I try to watch all the things they are doing in order to learn as quick as possible,” Mbappe said in December.

“When you have Cavani, who is for me the best striker in the world, and Neymar, who has everything to be the best player in the world very soon, you have a lot to learn.

“So it’s something I am watching closely and I am proud to play alongside them.”

We’d just presumed that the Frenchman was talking about football but maybe we were wrong and the same joke did the rounds after Mbappe’s spot-on Neymar impression on Friday afternoon.