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30th Jun 2017

Everyone is taking the piss out of Pep Guardiola’s weird new look

What the hell is he thinking? Shave it all off!

Nooruddean Choudry

We’re not sure about this.

Pep Guardiola is widely acknowledged as smooth operator both on and off the pitch. In football terms he is lorded as a tactical pioneer who confounds the opposition with innovative formations and unexpected switches of play.

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Sartorially, the Manchester City manager is applauded for his stylish clobber and swarthy good looks. He has more in common with a bohemian artist or sixties beat poet than the likes of Sam Allardyce, Tony Pulis, Harry Redknapp or Sean Dyche.

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Indeed he has been credited for actually making baldness look cool, and managed to style out his loss of hair as an icon for thinning men everywhere. But his latest look has been received with unanimous mockery and it’s easy to see why.

On a much needed holiday away from the game, Pep was spotting with a pair of bushy grey mutton chops, and most people agree it’s not a good look at all. We admire his inventiveness and creativity but there are limits…