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25th Dec 2016

Everton ruin ANOTHER fan’s Christmas by sending them rival club’s merchandise


Nooruddean Choudry

Seriously. What is going on at Everton?

Whilst Ronald Koeman’s side struggle to find any real consistency on the pitch, the merchandising department need to have a long hard look at themselves for ruining Christmas for a number of their most committed fans/customers.

Earlier, we shared a story about a Toffees supporter by the name of Will, who received a replica home top from the official club shop with Manchester United branding on it for some strange reason. It did not go down well at all.

As unfortunate as the Christmas cock-up was, it was surely a one-off error? Unfortunately not. Just to compound the embarrassment of the Goodison Park merchandising department, it happened again – this time with another club’s branding.

A chap going by the name of Len Everall bought a hoody with matching jogging bottoms for his daughter to unwrap on Christmas morning. The top was fine, with a large club crest taking pride of place on the front of the garment.

Sadly the matching jogging bottoms weren’t matching at all. Instead they had Manchester City’s incongruous crest upon them – even though the label and price tag are both Everton branded.

Another Christmas ruined, courtesy of EFC…