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25th Dec 2016

Everton prove they’re a class act in the end to correct Man United logo shirt blunder

Christmas is saved

Nooruddean Choudry

Christmas is saved after all.

One Everton fan was left very disappointed on Christmas morning when a replica shirt he ordered from Everton Direct turned out to have a very prominent Manchester United crest on the back.

Toffees fanatic Will forked out over £50 for a brand new replica home jersey with his favourite player Ross Barkley’s name and number on the reverse. Except it was adorned with MUFC’s crest.

Quite how this was allowed to happen is anyone’s guess, but the top bods at Everton were mortified by the error and keen to make amends to the fan who was left festively forlorn.

We won’t bore you with the ins and outs, but as with many Premier League clubs, Everton outsource their retail operations to club partners, and in this case, that involves Kitbag and Fanatics. Somewhere along the line something went wrong.

But to err is human and all that, and in the spirit of the season, all concerned were keen to make good.

Not only did they apologise, arrange for a refund and promise to send out a corrected item, but they invited the Blues’ fan and his family to a VIP day at Goodison Park for a forthcoming home game…and that’s not all.

Seeing as Will is clearly a big fan of Ross Barkley, the club will arrange for him to meet the player and have his pristine new shirt signed by the midfielder. Well done all round…