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21st Nov 2015

Ronaldo return debate sees Paul Scholes takes another swipe at Louis van Gaal

Still at it

Conan Doherty

Paul Scholes in Louis van Gaal complaint shocker.

We’ve all accepted it, Paul Scholes is nearly a mouthpiece at this stage. That Paul Scholes.

The guy who acquitted himself with such reservation throughout a beautiful football career. He just let his feet do the talking then.


We’re glad he doesn’t do that now though because, let’s face it, he’s a pundit.

When it comes to the current United manager though, Scholes continues to have a go.

Even as the BT Sport lads debated whether they’d prefer Gareth Bale or Cristiano Ronaldo in their side, Scholes couldn’t even get enthused about the prospect of either in the United team.

Simply because he can’t see them getting the ball under van Gaal’s regime.