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02nd Mar 2016

Euro 2016 games will be played behind closed doors if there is a security issue

Leaving nothing to chance

Conan Doherty

Safety first, there will be no risks taken.

Euro 2016 matches could be played without fans this summer in the event of a terror threat in France.

UEFA are devising an anti-terror contingency strategy for the games so they can take the best possible security steps and ensure the completion of the tournament.

In November, the world was shaken after the terror attack on Paris. On the same night on November 13, the friendly between Germany and France saw the Stade de France evacuated after attempts were made to enter the stadium and detonate explosives.

Germany’s subsequent planned international game with the Netherlands was abandoned after another security threat but Euro 2016 tournament director Martin Kallen said, if needs be, games will be played behind closed doors.

“If there is a security issue, we would need to play the match without fans,” he said.

“It’s possible that matches would be postponed or played later. But today there are no signs of any extreme threats or alarming issues.”