Erik Lamela wins Copa Libertadores bet with Paulo Gazzaniga, duly shaves his head 2 years ago

Erik Lamela wins Copa Libertadores bet with Paulo Gazzaniga, duly shaves his head

These are the dangers of making bets

When River Plate and Boca Juniors faced off in the final of the Copa Libertadores there was always going to be fallout. This materialised in an even more spectacular fashion than previously thought, with flooding, cancellations, violence and a relocated second leg eventually leading to both fixtures of the two-legged affair taking place.


After an exciting 2-2 draw at La Bombonera in Buenos Aires, Boca Juniors took the lead in the second leg at Real Madrid's Bernabeu Stadium, only for River Plate to fight back and win the tie 4-3 on aggregate.

As two clubs known best for selling their most prized assets, it was understandable that the alumni of both River and Boca - as well as players who are simply fans - would be cheering on their respective teams in force.

Two players doing exactly that were Spurs teammates Erik Lamela and Paulo Gazzaniga.

Lamela left River Plate to join AS Roma in 2011 before joining Spurs two years later, while Gazzaniga is a fan of Boca.

In response to River's victory over Boca, it appears that the reserve goalkeeper was left with no choice but to honour a bet he had entered into with Lamela.

And, judging by the video below, that bet was that the loser would have to have his head shaved, which Gazzaniga duly did, much to the delight of those watching and particularly Lamela.


Thankfully for Gazzaniga, he's a fairly handsome fella, so the haircut won't really affect him. The Super Clasico defeat might sting a little bit longer though.