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03rd Jul 2018

England win a World Cup penalty shoot-out for the first time ever

Wayne Farry

What a time to make history

England’s penalty shoot-out victory over Colombia was the first ever in the Three Lions’ World Cup history.

Gareth Southgate’s side went into the shoot-out after a tense 1-1 draw with Jose Pekerman’s team, and the weight of history was evident as players and coaches assembled prior to the shoot-out.

England have had many great players over the years. Bobby Charlton, Alan Shearer, Gary Lineker, David Beckham, Paul Scholes; the list goes on and on, but none of them ever did what this side has done.

None of them ever won a penalty shoot-out at the World Cup.

Ahead of this tournament there was widespread talk that this team was different, this group of players was operating on a different wave-length, detached from the crap, detached from the ego, unaffected by the pressure.

Many had doubted that, assuming it was just a foolish public buying into the PR machine. But few will doubt it after this.

Here is a young side which has given up a lead late on – something which would crush most sides – and held on.

Here is a young side which has recovered from not only that disappointment, but the disappointment of missing a penalty, to stand up and do its job. To win.

England have finally won a penalty shootout, and they may take some beating.