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25th Jun 2024

England fan says Gareth Southgate’s tactics are spoiling Euro 2024 for every football fan

Zoe Hodges

‘We are spoiling the tournament’

An England fan following the team out in Germany has accused Gareth Southgate of ‘ruining the tournament’ in an interview with JOE.

Speaking after England’s draw against Denmark, the England fan laid in to his side and the choices Southgate had made in the tournament so far.

He said: “He’s the only man in Germany who doesn’t know his best side. He’s spoiling the tournament. We are spoiling the tournament.

“The worst two games by far I have seen in this tournament, I had the misfortune of being at both, and it’s England.”

Fans went in to a frenzy after Southgate’s comments about not having a replacement for Kalvin Phillips to which this fan responded incredulously: “Is he having a laugh?”

He also questioned the inclusion of Luke Shaw who was pictured in training for the first time since the tournament began after sustaining an injury back in February. It is unclear whether Shaw will play at all this tournament. “Why’s he fetched Luke Shaw? Humour me,” the man said.

The man’s scathing assessment of England’s performance so far didn’t stop with the manager as he laid in to Kyle Walker as well.

“For Kyle Walker to come out and say, ‘well it’s tournament football’ – Spain aren’t playing it like we’re playing it. Germany aren’t playing it like we’re playing it. Maybe we’re keeping everything in reserve.”

Meanwhile, captain Harry Kane, England’s goal scorer in that game against Denmark also felt the wrath of this disgruntled fan.

“He only touched the ball twice, he got in the box once and scored, then gave it away and got in the way, unsighted Pickford for their goal and that’s been his contribution but when you’re going for a win you don’t take him off with 25 minutes to go.”

England will be hoping for a better performance and a win tonight against Slovenia to make the knock-out stages much easier for themselves and silence their critics.