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27th Dec 2016

Embarrassing cock-up on last night’s Match of the Day leaves viewers upset and annoyed

"I don't know who to blame"

Nooruddean Choudry

Silent protest.

Apart from shows at the very business end of the season, the Boxing Day edition of Match Of The Day is possibly the most widely anticipated episode of the whole campaign.

Not only are people around the nation still in the throes of a family Christmas and therefore a captive audience, but the Boxing Day fixtures always tend to bring goals and excitement.

Monday was no different, as millions of football fans settled down to watch Henrikh Mkhitaryan’s wonder goal against Sunderland, and both Arsenal and Man City leaving it late to secure victories.

Chelsea fans were perhaps most fervently looking forward to the show due to the latest win in the amazing run of 12 victories on the bounce. Except a lot of people’s enjoyment was ruined somewhat.

Through no fault of Messrs Lineker, Wright and Shearer, many viewers were unable to hear a single word as the HD channel broadcast in complete silence. This is was annoying for both folk watching live and those who had recorded the programme.

It seems silence is not always golden…