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02nd Feb 2018

Eddie Alvarez’s reaction to Floyd Mayweather’s shameless UFC tease was money

Cutting through the crap

Ben Kiely

Does Eddie Alvarez think we’ll see Floyd Mayweather inside the Octagon in 2018?

No, no Eddie Alvarez doesn’t.

You’ve probably already seen that clip of Floyd Mayweather inside the Octagon. For those of you who haven’t had the misfortune, let us fill you in.

Old man Mayweather stands awkwardly inside the cage. After spouting some bullshit for a few seconds, he closes with a commercial tie-in delivered with all the subtlety of a flying knee to the wedding tackle. If he had winked at the camera and removed his shorts to reveal underwear branded with the betting company’s logo, it wouldn’t have cheapened it. It was already cheap enough.

You’re better off watching this pisstake from Dagestani bantamweight Timur Valiev. At least he’s not trying to sell you shit.

Anyone who remembers the last time a boxing legend in his 40s entered the Octagon will know that it’s a terrible idea. Sure, the prospect of Mayweather finally get his ass-kicked would draw the masses, but let’s be real about this. Any MMA fight involving Mayweather would be shite.

In terms of overall skill level, mixed martial arts has never been better than right now. Some of the moves you see in the first fight of the undercard on a UFC Fight Night would be considered elite a decade ago. Some of the finest athletes to ever grace an Octagon are competing right now.

So why on Earth would anyone want to see a CM Punk or a Mayweather take on another green mixed martial artist who has no business competing in the UFC?

Eddie Alvarez

Eddie Alvarez thinks it’s all bullshit. He likened Mayweather inside the Octagon to a man dressing up in women’s clothes for Halloween while speaking to TMZ Sports.

“First of all, how fucking weird did that look? You know how men dress up as women during Halloween? That’s what that looked like to me. (Laughs) When he got in the Octagon, it looked like that. It looked very odd.”

“You’re so used to seeing Floyd in a boxing ring. That’s his comfort zone. When he got in a cage, it looked like a man in a dress. It looked very odd. He’s not going to fight in a cage. He’s just not. Everyone can forget about that.”

If only they would Eddie. If only they would.