Leaked image suggests new Partick Thistle kit is inspired by nightmarish mascot 1 month ago

Leaked image suggests new Partick Thistle kit is inspired by nightmarish mascot

An instant classic

'Tis the season for new kits.


Some are great, some are awful and, well, some are... unique.

That's certainly the category we would place Scottish side Partick Thistle in - if a photo doing the rounds on social media is anything to go by.

The kit is er... interesting


Leaked images on appear to show the third-tier side are preparing to launch a shirt inspired by an iconic figure in the club's history. Nothing too unusual about that, you might think... until you realise that we're referring to the club's slightly terrifying mascot, Kingsley.

You remember the one. If not, close your eyes and try and picture how Lisa Simpson might look if she were to appear on the Walking Dead or another zombie apocalypse movie.

Yep. That.

Or, if you still can't picture it, here:


Partick Thistle kit

Kingsley was widely mocked when unveiled as the club's mascot a couple of years ago, but soon became something of a cult figure - even reaching the final of the football mascots World Cup competition on social media back in 2019.

He is arguably now theΒ face of Thistle, which might explain why the club would use his manic face to inspire a new shirt.

Images on Twitter show a shirt hanging up in the background of a changing room photograph. It features Partick's traditional yellow and red stripes, along with Kingsley's face, which can be seen plastered on the bottom.


Some will say it's a stroke of genius; others will be left with nightmares for months to come.

Naturally, it's divided opinion.

One person said: "Split thoughts on this one if true! Part of me wants to hate it and the other side wants me to add it to my collection."


Another person tweeted: "Best kit in football, please be real."

A third person said: "If this was real I would buy it without a single trace of hesitation."

Meanwhile another tweeted: "I am seriously mortified. A new low for this football club."

Whatever your take is on this kit we can all be in agreement that its going to be an all-time classic if it turns out to be genuine.

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