Dynamo Dresden fans use severed bull's head in protest against rivals 3 years ago

Dynamo Dresden fans use severed bull's head in protest against rivals

When it comes to football fans expressing their anger, nothing does the job quite like a severed animal head.

Barcelona fans can vouch for this. Back in 2000, they (probably just one of them) famously chose to hurl a pig's head at Luis Figo as he returned to the Nou Camp following his controversial switch to Real Madrid.

Now, a good 16 years on from that, the throwing-of-farm-animal-heads-by-disgruntled-football-fans bar had been raised by supporters of Dynamo Dresden.

Dresden hosted RB Leipzig over the weekend in the first round of the German Cup. Leipzig were formed by energy drink manufacturer Red Bull and have swiftly ascended the German leagues since their creation in 2009.

Such a meteoric rise has led to resentment of the club from some supporters of other German teams - presumably the reason Dresden fans decided to lob a *bull's head*in the direction of the pitch.

What exactly this achieved, we don't really know, but it's certainly clear that they've got beef an issue with them.

RB Leipzig achieved promotion to the Bundesliga last season for the first time in their history.

Despite beginning the 2016/17 campaign in division below Leipzig,  Dresden beat their rivals on penalties after trailing them 2-0 at one point in the match.

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