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24th Nov 2018

Oblivious basketball fan stars in the dumbest moment in TV history

Kyle Picknell

Just incredible, on so many different levels

Those of you familiar with American sports will no doubt be aware of the mini-gameshows they host at halftime, plucking unsuspecting fans from the audience to take part in a challenge to win something from a sponsor.

This is the context, as David, a huge Los Angeles Lakers supporter as made clear by his hat and jersey, has a chance to play ‘Higher or Lower’ with five cards for the chance to win a holiday.

David, it appears, has no idea how ‘Higher or Lower’ actually works.

Despite the entirety of the game literally being explained in the title, he simply does not have a clue. Either that or he really, really does not want a free holiday. Honestly, it’s hard to say.

David’s first card is a 0 (they are playing with numerical cards rather than traditional playing cards). Just about the best card you can get. He has basically been gifted a freebie, as there is only one direction the next card can go.

And yet.

And yet, ladies and gentlemen, he does the unthinkable.

He chooses lower. LOWER.

Perhaps anticipating a fucking -6 or something as the next card, he chooses lower.

You might want to watch the rest unfold for yourself.

Oblivious to his mistake, David’s expression doesn’t change during the entire rest of the video as the number 3 card is then turned. Presumably this is because he cannot, for the life of him, work out whether 3 is indeed higher or lower than the number 0, which, again, is the literal fucking numerical expression of NOTHING. NOTHING, DAVID. NOTHING. AS IN ZERO.

Still, full credit to the presenter for humouring him and not just doing what was probably deserved in this situation: laughing in his big, shit-eating-grin face for being so stupid.

And that glance they share after she repeats “lower???“, that is just *kisses finger tips like an Italian chef*.