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Everyone's loving Dion Dublin's painfully late reaction on BT Sport
It seems you *do* lose it eventually after all...

Looks like the Dion-bot may have malfunctioned.

Dion Dublin was a handy striker in his day. Before his current incarnation as Homes Under the Hammer presenter - and even before he invented his own musical instrument in the 'Dube' - the Leicester native was top flight marksman of some repute.

In many ways he was the archetypal big-man-with-a-good-touch, dominating in the air whilst more than holding his own on the floor. 183 career goals - despite filling in a utility centre-back at times - is a testament to his goalscoring knack.

Who knows what could have been, but for a broken leg at the very beginning of his Manchester United career.

Regardless, he always possessed great goalscoring instincts - the ability to pounce on a loose ball and stab it home before the defence have a chance to clear their lines. A big part of that was his lively reactions. But alas, nothing lasts forever.

Appearing alongside Danny Mills on BT Sport's coverage of Cambridge United vs Leeds United in the FA Cup, the former 'U's centre-forward was standing pitchside whilst the players carried out their drills.

Whilst a televised conversation was taking place, a rogue football rolled over to the pundits. It bounced off Mills' shoe in Dublin's direction. Fully aware of the ball, but attempting to play it cool, Dion decided to casually backheel it away.

Which he did...a full second after it had rolled past him. The delayed reaction was so late it looked almost slapstick, and Twitter were loving the unintentional comic timing.

It seems you do lose it eventually after all...


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