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27th Apr 2016

Despite vacation claims, Nate Diaz will be offered replacement fight at UFC 200

Figuring it out

Darragh Murphy

Nate Diaz’s next move will be a fascinating one.

The number five ranked lightweight in the world essentially has two options in front of him – either he fights Conor McGregor on a pay-per-view card between UFC 200 and UFC 205 or he accepts a replacement opponent at UFC 200.

The choices really are that simple for Diaz, whose scheduled rematch with McGregor was withdrawn from the UFC 200 billing due to the unwillingness of ‘The Notorious’ to fulfil certain media obligations.


At last week’s press conference in Las Vegas, Diaz made it abundantly clear that it was ‘McGregor or nobody’ for him and he duly claimed to be going on vacation when it was confirmed that the Irishman definitely would not be playing a part on the card.

But at the second presser of the current media tour, UFC president Dana White continued to hammer the point home that the promotion would be offering Diaz a number of options for the July 9 card so that the Stockton fighter would not feel short-changed by the turn of events.

“We’re going to offer him (Diaz) some fights and see what he wants to do,” White said. “I mean it sounded like he wants Conor and only Conor at the press conference.

“I didn’t wanna rip him off of the opportunity to fight at 200 if that’s what he wanted but, we’ll see what happens.”