Dele Alli is the new Paul Gascoigne, meaning he joins an illustrious club of new Gazzas 6 years ago

Dele Alli is the new Paul Gascoigne, meaning he joins an illustrious club of new Gazzas

He's had an outstanding first season at Tottenham, and similarly impressive performances in an England shirt have garnered Dele Alli high praise from some of the country's footballing greats.

According to Teddy Sheringham, Alli's international form brings back memories of none other than Paul Gascoigne. Alli was one of the outstanding performers in England's shock 3-2 comeback victory over Germany last weekend, and Sheringham - himself capped 51 times for the Three Lions - says the Gazza comparisons are obvious.


Speaking at the Carlsberg's UEFA 2016 trophy tour, the former Tottenham and Manchester United forward said: "He had that aura about him in Berlin that Paul Gascoigne had about him at the beginning of his career. It was almost if Dele Alli was saying: 'Come and try and get the ball off me. And even if you've got the ball I'll nick it off you then I'm going to wander away from you and you won't get it off me.'

"Gazza used to do that. It had a lovely feel to it - I was very impressed. You can't coach that kind of mentality and self belief. It was in Gazza and Dele Alli seems to have something similar."

Some review indeed. But Dele Alli is by no means the first player to have the 'new Gazza' tagline attached to him. In fact, there have been Gazza replicas springing up for years - full-blown clones of the legendary Geordie midfielder, as highlighted by players, pundits and that guy you met in the pub. We thought we'd remind you of some of the marquee players in the new Gazza gang.


Ross Barkley

Everton v Manchester City - Premier League

Ross Barkley has been called the new Gazza numerous times. Glenn Hoddle has previously remarked upon some of his play as 'reminiscent of Gazza'. England manager Roy Hodgson has made the comparison on at least one occasion, and last year former Newcastle United player Rob Lee told Sky Sports News that in Barkley we might be watching the new Paul Gascoigne. In fact, practically the only person who hasn't called Ross Barkley the new Paul Gascoigne is Paul Gascoigne, who told The Sun back in 2014 that there will 'never be another Gazza'. Stay tuned on this one.

Ravel Morrison


SS Lazio v Genoa CFC - Serie A

Arguably the most controversial of the lot. Back in 2013, ex-Hammer Morrison was reportedly hailed as the new Gazza by the then Birmingham boss Lee Clark, despite him not actually knowing who Gazza was. According to quotes later given to The Mirror,  Morrison said he would try his best to emulate Gascoigne throughout his career. Morrison would go on to to play for Lazio, just like Gazza, and an impressive debut was enough to draw the inevitable comparisons in the excitable Italian press.

Laura Bassett

England International Football Teams Semi Final Tears


Despite performing superbly throughout the 2015 Women's World Cup, Laura Bassett was reduced to tears after scoring the own-goal that saw the brave Lionesses exit the competition in the semi-final. She definitely showed Gazza-esque passion for the entirety of the tournament, but it was the image of an inconsolable Bassett at the final whistle that reminded many of his own breakdown during World Cup 1990 - when England were knocked out by West Germany in the semis. Even if this was the only time Laura Bassett was likened to Gazza, her heartfelt emotional outpouring is surely worthy of a place in the club.

Wayne Rooney

Switzerland v England - UEFA EURO 2016 Qualifier

The quintessential new Gazza. It is now much more common to hear someone described as the new Wayne Rooney, showing that there is a strangely reassuring order to this madness.

Scott Brown


Celtic FC v FC Internazionale Milano - UEFA Europa League Round of 32

Also known as the Scottish new Gazza (from now), Scott Brown received an in-depth analysis of his Gazza-ness from Terry Butcher, who played with the man himself for England. Butcher, who at the time was Scotland manager George Burley's assistant, said in 2009: "Scott and Gazza are very similar the more you look at it.

"Both players live for football and when they go on the pitch you can see that they love the game.

"The game means everything to them. Scott is a phenomenal character like Gazza.

"He's not as mad as Gazza yet but that may come - but he's an exceptional talent who you're glad to have in your team.

"If he's against you he causes you problems. He doesn't cause his own team problems which is good and Gazza was the same.

"Scott works his socks off just like Gazza. Scott's knuckled down and listened to people and learnt a hell of a lot.

"A lot of people maybe didn't see how hard Gazza worked for the team and Scott does that for Celtic and Scotland.

Six mentions of Gazza there. Six times Terry Butcher was able to find striking similarities between Gazza and the Celtic midfielder Scott Brown. Scott Brown is the new Gazza x 6. Dele Alli and all that come after him have their work cut out to compete with that.