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16th Dec 2020

Dejan Lovren tries to chest ball back to goalkeeper, scores comedy own goal

You can take Dejan Lovren out the Barclays, but you can't take the Barclay's out of Dejan Lovren - as demonstrated by this comedy own goal

Reuben Pinder

Oh, Dejan

Dejan Lovren might have escaped the unforgiving nature of the Premier League and its surrounding circus, but he is still up to his old tricks in Russia.

The former Liverpool defender how plies his trade for Zenit St Petersburg, who are riding high at the top of the Russian Premier League, just ahead of Spartak Moscow, putting him on course to win a second league title in two years.

But, he is still Dejan Lovren, and therefore cannot go a full season without doing something incredibly good, and something unfathomably bad. The good has come in the form of a couple of long range screamers, while the bad has today arrived in the form of a comedy own goal.

Attempting to chest the ball back to his goalkeeper – a commonly used move that every professional defender has pretty much mastered – the Croatian accidentally sent the ball over his goalkeeper’s head and into his own net.

Quite why he put so much power into this chested pass is beyond me. But he is Dejan Lovren. He doesn’t abide by the unspoken rules of football.

You can take Lovren out the Barclays, but you cannot take the Barclays out of Lovren.