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21st Mar 2017

Defeated MMA fighter starts trying to submit referee after knockout

Didn't know where he was

Darragh Murphy

The poor referee.

The official in charge of a mixed martial arts bout in Michigan last weekend was simply trying to save a fighter from sustaining any further damage and what did he get for his troubles?

A test of his ability to escape back mount met the referee after he jumped in to save Joseph Nehm following his brutal defeat to Ryse Brink on the KOP 54 card.

Nehm only lasted ten seconds under the vicious barrage of strikes from his opponent, who wheeled away in celebration of his win.

But while Brink enjoyed the fruits of his labour from atop the cage, Nehm had involved himself in another altercation.

Nehm finished a deep takedown before, off camera, he quickly transitioned to back mount and appeared to pursue a rear naked choke.

The disoriented fighter’s corner quickly rushed into the cage, where they set about separating Nehm from his near-submission.

As for the referee, he definitely needs to work on his sprawl.