David Villa gave Frank Lampard a right bollocking despite scoring 5 years ago

David Villa gave Frank Lampard a right bollocking despite scoring

Very few players in the history of the game can challenge David Villa's incredible career trophy haul.

The former Barcelona striker has a Champion League winners' medal sitting pretty on his mantelpiece next to his World Cup and European Championship medals and a Club World Cup title. So you might not be surprised to hear that he has very high standards for both himself and his team-mates.


Since making the move to MLS in the US, Villa has found silverware somewhat harder to come by. Although he was named an MLS All-Star last year, his other big-name team-mates have not fully delivered.

On Saturday night, Andrea Pirlo and Frank Lampard shook off their recent criticism to both score (in addition to Villa's goal) to give New York City FC a 3-2 win over Philadelphia.

Now you might think that the Spaniard would be happy with such a result, but it appears to have only angered him further based on this exchange with Lampard after the final whistle.

As the former Chelsea man walks towards Villa to congratulate him on a hard-earned three points, Villa simply lets rip on his team-mate. We can't hear what's being said, but it seems pretty clear that Lampard is getting torn a new one.