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11th Jun 2018

David De Gea demands public apology from Spanish Prime Minister

He still holds a grudge over comments made two years ago

Reuben Pinder

He has not forgotten

The newly appointed Prime Minister of Spain, Pedro Sánchez, visited the national team squad recently to wish them luck before they began they set off to Russia for this summer’s World Cup.

As expected, the whole squad gave him a round of applause and indulged in small talk and pleasantries, except for David De Gea.

The Manchester United goalkeeper still holds a grudge over Sánchez after comments made two years ago.

On the eve of Euro 2016, David De Gea was alleged to have been involved in a sexual assault case. Sánchez, who was not prime minister at the time, said he was “uneasy” about De Gea being Spain’s number 1 going into the tournament.

De Gea was never charged, and has requested a public apology from the PSOE leader.

“From the off I gave a press conference saying it was all a lie but people spoke about me,” De Gea told Spanish sports newspaper Diario AS. “In the end the truth comes to light and you could see that it was all a lie.”

De Gea received a private apology but is seeking a public one to set the record straight.

“I accepted his apology politely. The thing is that what he said back then was in public and for that I think that his apology should also come in public,” he said.

 “It’s also true that the majority of public people have disrespected me and haven’t bothered to apologise to me in private. It’s easy to talk about others in this country.”