David Beckham shows real class with his tribute to Robbie Keane 5 years ago

David Beckham shows real class with his tribute to Robbie Keane

"Doesn't matter where he plays, he scores goals."

David Beckham appreciates Robbie Keane more than you might expect him to.


The Manchester United legend had been toiling along at LA Galaxy with no success for four years until a certain Irishman joined him across the pond and, the it all clicked. In two seasons together, the pair claimed two MLS Cups and the rest is history.

Robbie Keane was just the tonic the Los Angeles side needed to fire them to success and it seems the Beckham has not forgotten this fact.

Upon announcing his retirement from the international game, the outgoing Republic of Ireland skipper received praise from his former team-mate, with Beckham singling him out for his "passion and love for the game".


And his soon-to-be former team-mates were happy to lay on the praise too.

Keane's decision to step down from international duty was felt the whole way through the football world and the man who has been carrying the baton of late for the Irish national team paid the ultimate tribute to him.


Southampton striker Shane Long said it was an honour to learn from the country's record goalscorer and tipped the Dubliner to add another three goals and finish on a nice even 70 for his Ireland lot.

The tributes won't end. And rightly so.


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