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07th Sep 2018

Liverpool’s Darren Till weighs in and silences doubters ahead of UFC 228 title fight

Tyron Woodley needed the towel

Darragh Murphy

And breathe.

The lead-up to Darren Till’s shot at the welterweight title mainly focused on whether or not the Liverpudlian would make weight.

After coming in overweight for two of his six UFC outings to date, Till was taking no chances ahead of his meeting with 170lbs champ, Tyron Woodley.

The room of reporters shared a collective gasp of concern as the undefeated Scouser took to the scales in Dallas on Friday but there was no need to worry.


Till weighed in at less than the championship weight of 170lbs, silencing the doubters who claimed that he was too big for the weight class by flashing two middle fingers at the media members in attendance.

Ironically, there was more drama involved in Woodley’s weigh-in as he required the towel after initially tipping the scales at 171lbs.

But sans underwear, the champion hit his target and the fight was made official.

Till, who has hinted at a jump up to middleweight, is sick of answering questions about his weight and earlier this week insisted that all questions would be answered on Friday.

“I’ve put my life into this, so speed bumps along the way,” Till said.

“Not making weight, you get all this attention for it. It’s like you’re the only fighter who’s missed weight in the division, in the whole of the UFC.

“It’s a mistake on my part, but Friday all the talk will be done. No motherfucker can ask me about weight again — he’s getting slapped.”

The No. 6-ranked Kamaru Usman weighed in before both champion and challenger as a potential replacement if there was any drama on the scales but it doesn’t look like ‘The Nigerian Nightmare’ will be needed.