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26th Apr 2019

Danny Rose ‘lost for words’ at UEFA’s punishment for Montenegro

Danny Rose was 'lost for words' upon hearing UEFA had only sanctioned Montenegro with a one match stadium ban and a small fine

Reuben Pinder

Lost for words but not surprised

Danny Rose was ‘lost for words’ upon hearing that Montenegro’s punishment for the racist abuse aimed at him and other black England players during a recent Euro 2020 qualifier between the two nations was just a one match stadium ban and a £17,000 fine.

Speaking to Sky Sports shortly after the news broke, the England and Spurs left-back said he was “lost for words a little bit but also not surprised.”

“I said before countries are fined what they are fined and I compared it to what I may or may not spend it on a night out. Some people didn’t agree with me and what not. I stand corrected. What I said was true,” he added.

“I really don’t know what to say about it. It is a bit of a shame but this is where we are at now. I don’t think that is a harsh enough punishment for someone to learn from it again in future. 20,000 euros is a bit shocking but there is not much I can do now. We have to move on now.”

Rose also said he would be reluctant to return to Montenegro after the abuse he suffered during the game in question.

“I wouldn’t want to go back there but if I had to play there, I would play there. It wouldn’t be on my list of destinations to visit., That is not to say the whole country is like that. I only went once but I am mentally scarred a little bit. I wouldn’t be in a rush to go back there.

“I spoke about what I think but I really don’t have the answer or any answers I just know what has happened before is not enough. It is obvious because things are still happening. Same way I don’t have the answers if something was to happen to me or someone else. Same way I’m not sure walking off the pitch is the answer,” Rose said.

It’s not the first time Rose has suffered racist abuse on a European away trip with the national side. Back in 2012 he was subjected to vile racist abuse in Serbia while playing for England u21s and was sent off after the final whistle for booting the ball in frustration.

As well as the stadium ban and the fine, Montenegro will have to display an #EqualGame banner before their next game against Kosovo. Because that will definitely change the minds of people who hurl racist abuse at black players!