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12th Sep 2018

It wasn’t hard to work out what Danny Rose roared at referee in win over Switzerland

No lip-reading expertise necessary

Darragh Murphy

It doesn’t need to be a competitive match or even an important decision like a penalty disagreement for Danny Rose to get heated.

Rose will kick off if he’s not awarded a corner kick in a friendly game, as we found out on Tuesday night.

The left-back played 79 minutes of England’s 1-0 victory over Switzerland this week and moments before he was substituted, he gave referee Clement Turpin an earful.

Rose wasn’t given a corner after a clear deflection from a shot resulted in a goal kick to the Swiss and the Spurs man didn’t take it well.

Viewers clearly made out what Rose roared at the match official and the 28-year-old would struggle to deny that he told the ref that he was “fucking shit.”

Rose admitted that tensions were high during the game and revealed that the players exchanged words at the break after a tough first half.

“It’s great we can all shout at each other and tell each other to improve like we did,” Rose said. “In the end, we are over the moon to keep a clean sheet and get back to winning ways.

“The morale we have set within the squad is fantastic and we have taken off where we left off in the summer.

“We spoke at half-time and we weren’t happy with how we were playing, but we took control after the break and got the goal.”