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30th Jun 2018

Danny Murphy just offered the worst insight on Messi on the BBC

Cheers Danny, thanks for that

Conan Doherty

Hey, morons, listen up.

There’s something you’ve been missing about this guy Lionel Messi.

Yes, he scores goals. Yes, he seems to manage the Argentina team now as well as be one of the best players of all time. And, sure, he wins a shit load of trophies along the way too.

But he can do other things with a football that you’ve probably not seen, because you’re too busy watching YouTube clips of his skills, you see.

Messi can pass the ball too.

How the hell have you not noticed, for God’s sake?

During a wide-open, gung-ho second round clash against France, Lionel Messi was trying his best again.

He was finding space, controlling the ball under serious pressure and setting team mates away.

Until Di Maria picked out a bloody rocket out of absolutely nowhere, you were wondering why the Barcelona superstar, the five-time Ballon d’Or winner even bothers.

But Danny Murphy decided to remind the world that people forget about Messi’s passing ability. And that his through balls are up there with the best of them.

Sitting in the BBC commentary box, Murphy offered a genius piece of analysis by pointing out that, also, in actual fact, something he’s been seeing more and more of lately:

“People forget what a wonderful passer Messi is.”

Shame on you for forgetting. How dare you.


Lionel Messi