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30th Jul 2017

Daniel Cormier’s post fight interview was wrong for so many reasons

Don't kick a man when he's down

Darragh Culhane

No need.

We’ll set the scene, a bad blooded rivalry spanning two years, it all at stake for both fighters and then this happens.

Whether you like Daniel Cormier or not is irrelevant, he should not have been interviewed after that fight.

‘DC’ had just been knocked out, a vicious kick to the head was followed by a beating on the ground.

A side from the emotional devastation he was feeling, Cormier was clearly dazed and confused, he didn’t know where he was and likely concussed.

And then Joe Rogan goes up to him, clearly in tears and says that he normally doesn’t think it is a good idea to interview a fighter after he has been knocked out…and then begins to interview him.

“I dunno man, I guess if you win both fights there is no rivalry so I dunno,” Cormier told Rogan.

Clearly physically and emotionally not in a fit state for a microphone to be shoved in his face this shouldn’t have happened, not even if it is because it was one of the biggest fights in UFC history.

Even the most diehard of Jon Jones fans couldn’t help but feel sorry for the 38-year-old after putting his everything into beating one man only for it to be ended so abruptly, surely Rogan should have realised a bit of time to let things sink in was needed.