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19th Apr 2018

Daniel Cormier’s interview with Alexander Gustafsson got really awkward really quickly

Not even Michael Bisping could save it

Ben Kiely

Alexander Gustafsson wants a rematch against Daniel Cormier

However, Daniel Cormier has other business to attend to. Rather than defend his light heavyweight title, he will move back up to take on Stipe Miocic for the heavyweight strap.

A whole season of the Ultimate Fighter needs to take place before that fight takes place at UFC 226 in July. So, naturally enough, number one contender Gustafsson is pissed off. He’s ready to step back inside the Octagon but does not want to fight down the rankings.

After beating Jan Blachowicz and knocking out Glover Teixeira, the Swede feels like he’s earned a third crack at the belt. During a recent interview on UFC Tonight, Gustafsson wasn’t afraid to tell the host exactly how he felt about the current landscape of the division.


Unsurprisingly, it didn’t take long for the interview to become supremely awkward.

Cormier had predicted Gustafsson would indicate his desire to fight for an interim belt in the champion’s absence. So he got in there early to try to quiet down that talk.

Daniel Cormier

An awkward exchange, of course, ensued.

Gustafsson called out DC for not being able to defend his title. Cormier came up short with some confusing wordplay. Kenny Florian was left sitting between them like a spare tyre.

Daniel Cormier

Gustafsson was coy about who he would face for an interim belt. However, he did state that he wanted to fight Cormier again to exact revenge for his split decision loss in 2015. Cormier was swift with the comeback.

“But you really don’t wish you could fight me. Come on, Alex. You didn’t like that last time.You didn’t enjoy that.”

Gus was adamant that he enjoyed the first fight and that he really wanted to do it again, but Cormier insisted that he stopped ‘pretending’. While they were talking over each other, Florian requested through broadcast laughter that his co-host asked another question.

Then we came to the Jon Jones portion of the interview. When Gus said he would be up for a boxing match against ‘Bones,’ Cormier was quick to remind him about what happened in the striking exchanges of their bout.

Daniel Cormier

Gustafsson pointed out that he actually outwrestled DC, which the Olympian conceded was true.

After giving Gus props for his retort, he got another sucker punch in before asking another question.

Daniel Cormier

Just when the interview was nearing its end, Cormier turned the cringe levels up to 11.

Following the brief staring contest, Cormier joked that he would outdo Michael Bisping by getting in more trouble for the way he interviews his rivals. The cameras cut to ‘The Count’ making pantomime threats, but not even he could rectify the incredible awkwardness.

Daniel Cormier

Florian addressed how rough of an interview it was in his sign off. He thanked Gustafsson for “putting up with us.”