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08th Apr 2018

Dana White’s conversations with Conor McGregor appear to be getting more positive

Things are looking up

Ben Kiely

The working relationship between Dana White and Conor McGregor took a massive hit this week.

In an appearance on The First Things First Show, Dana White spoke of the worrying text conversations he had with Conor McGregor. This came after the incident at the Barclays Center in which ‘The Notorious’ threw a dolly through the window of the red corner fighters’ bus.

“The worst conversation we’ve ever had. It’s not that I don’t think he understood what happened, it’s that he justified it…’This had to be done.’

Prior to this interview, White called the bus attack incident ‘the most disgusting thing that has ever happened’ in the UFC.

Looking up

At the UFC 223 post-fight press conference, White explained that he had been in contact with McGregor the day before the event. By the sounds of it, the cracks are starting to be repaired as he implied that the conversation was a bit more positive than the last one.

“We talked yesterday. It’s good. I think there’s a mutual respect between us. I had so many things thrown at me this week, to focus on this show was insane. We’ll get back and we’ll focus on Conor McGregor.”

White also denied the rumours that McGregor showed up to Brooklyn to talk business. According to the president, McGregor’s only business in the Big Apple was with the man who has since been crowned lightweight king.

“He didn’t come to New York to do anything with me. He jumped on a plane with those guys to come to New York for the Khabib thing. That’s not true. He came to New York for Khabib. He didn’t come here to meet me. I didn’t even know Conor was here. There were a couple of guys at the press conference that were acting like they knew something like he was coming here. So no, I didn’t know anything about him coming here.”