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11th Jan 2016

Dana White explains UFC co-owner’s aggressive reaction to Conor McGregor beating Jose Aldo

Speculation over

Ben Kiely

Put the tin foil hats away, Uncle Dana has cleared everything up.

Thanks to the army of cameras recording the action at UFC 194, we got to relive every high profile audience member’s reaction to Conor McGregor’s stunning 13-second knockout of Jose Aldo.

There was one crowd member’s reaction in particular that caused quite a stir among the MMA community.

UFC co-owner Frank Fertitta’s instant reaction was to pick up the belt and aggressively slam it down.

Fertitta’s extreme reaction caused the MMA community to speculate. Some thought he was frustrated about losing a high-stakes bet with the Notorious on the outcome of the fight, while others put it down to disappointment at how brief the action was after so much build up.

Dana White had a far more simple explanation in a recent interview with the Boston Herald though.

“Frank Fertitta is a (expletive) moose, OK? He’ll flip tables over and everything else.

“It wasn’t anything negative or positive. It was just his reaction to Jose Aldo getting knocked out in one punch, you know?”

There you have it, folks. It’s because Frank is a table-flippin’ moose.