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19th Jun 2022

Cyclists decide winner of race by playing rock, paper, scissors

Callum Boyle

Cyclists Rock Paper Scissors

That’s one way to decide a winner

Cyclists Tadej Pogacar and Rafal Majka came up with a whole new way to decide the winner of the Tour of Slovenia by playing a game of rock, paper, scissors.

Reigning Tour de France champion Pogacar was in the lead with just 2.5km left of the race and were so far ahead that only those two could have won the race.

Both riders were clearly ahead of the other competitors

As both UAE Team Emirates riders closed in on the finish line neck and neck they chose the only way that would be fair to choose who would cross the finish line first would be to play rock, paper, scissors.

Broadcasters couldn’t believe what they were witnessing and were reduced to laughter as they commentated on the extraordinary  scenes in what must be a first to decide a winner of a race.

“[Majka] said paper, Pogacar said rock. Paper wraps the rock — Majka takes the stage. Rafal Majka papers over the rock of their team, Tadej Pogacar. How about that?” They said.

Majka was the eventual winner of the game and crossed the line to take stage four of the race as the teammates finished 22 seconds ahead of their nearest competitors.

Pogacar is the favourite to win this year’s Tour de France

Pogacar, who won his second successive Tour de France title in 2021 and the Slovenian played an important role in Majka’s victory in the opening stage of the Tour of Slovenia.

The Slovenian won the third stage after Dutchman Dylan Groenewegen, of BikeExchange-Jayco won stage two. Pogacar currently leads by three seconds going into the final stage, which takes place on Sunday (June 19).

The 23-year-old is also the favourite to win the Tour de France for a third time in a row. The biggest event in cycling gets underway on July 1 in Copenhagen before ending 23 days later in Paris.

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