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28th Jun 2017

Cristiano Ronaldo’s penalty shootout decision slated after the game

Well that wasn't how he saw it playing out

Darragh Murphy

Cristiano Ronaldo wanted to be the hero in the penalty shootout.

As it turned out, he didn’t even get a kick because Portugal were eliminated long before he’d got the chance to step up and convert as the fifth taker.

Ronaldo has a tendency to wait until last to take his penalty, which works a treat when the preceding shootout plays out in his favour and his kick allows him to soak up the glory and celebrate the game-winning strike by ripping off his shirt and SIIIIIIIIing for the cameras.

But that tactic doesn’t really work when your side sees its first three penalties saved while the opposition is nothing but clinical.

And thanks to a stunning performance from Chile goalkeeper Claudio Bravo on Wednesday night, that’s just what happened.

One of the best penalty-takers on the planet grimaced from the halfway line as he watched the Manchester City stopper deny him the chance to even take a kick after Portugal’s 0-0 stalemate with the Chileans in the Confederations semi-final.

Ronaldo enjoys being the hero, we all know this.

But his decision on Wednesday night was slated by supporters who felt that the Portugal captain had put his desire for personal glory ahead of what would be best for the national team.