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13th Nov 2015

Cristiano Ronaldo says he has “a few” women in his life

"I need to figure out who is better"

Kevin Beirne

It’s not easy being one of the greatest players in the history of your sport, but somehow Cristiano Ronaldo makes do.

The Real Madrid forward’s personal life has been in spotlight recently with the release of the ‘Ronaldo’ documentary, in which his son Cristiano Jr features prominently.

He has been romantically linked with stunning Danish model Maja Darving in the press.

One person who is conspicuously absent is former girlfriend Irina Shayk, and the Portuguese captain was discussing his love life during a taping of The Jonathan Ross Show, which will air on Saturday.

When asked if he had anyone special in his life, the former Manchester United player admitted that there were “a few” before explaining: “I need to figure out who is better.”

Real Madrid v Atletico de Madrid - UEFA Champions League Final

Ronaldo says that the women are all aware of each other, but admitted that he finds it hard to find someone who he wants to start a relationship with, saying: “Well it’s not easy, of course not. To speak serious, it’s not easy.

“I know 50 per cent they approach just for interest, it’s normal – not just me but all the people who are famous, they have these kinds of problems.

“But in another way, I think I’m a confident guy, I’m tall, I have [my] own teeth, I have a nice body so I think the other 50 per cent it’s because…”