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09th Aug 2018

Paul Merson forced to watch as impressionist does bang on impersonation of him live on Sky Sports News

"Oh, he's a player, ain't he. Unbelievable. He's a footballer. What a player. He's a player. Two feet, he's a footballer."

Patrick McCarry

“United are, for me, the biggest football team in the world of football”

Paul Merson was getting into a right tizzy as the Premier League’s summer transfer window headed towards its’ 5pm closure.

The former Arsenal and England midfielder was on deck for Sky Sports as the broadcaster tried to keep the hype and excitement going as long as possible.

To that end, Sky enlisted the services of the excellent Conor Moore, a.k.a Conor Sketches. The Irish impressionist, who has worked with JOE in the past and was recently working with NBC on their Open Championship coverage, was called upon for some of his takes on Premier League stars past and present.

Moore’s Jose Mourinho and Jurgen Klopp impressions are spot-on but it was his Merson impression that got them laughing up on the main broadcast floor.

Leaning on Merson’s knack of describing footballers as ‘Oh, he’s a footballer’, Moore put on a great show.

Merson watched on as the impression played out and Jim White was quick to double-down on the slagging afterwards.

Class stuff.