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19th Apr 2016

Conor McGregor reportedly says “No, I’m retired, f**k interviews!” to Icelandic news outlet

A less vocal McGregor


As we await any official confirmation of Conor McGregor’s retirement, the evidence certainly seems to be mounting.

‘The Notorious’ suggested that he had made the decision to retire from MMA with a tweet early on Tuesday evening.

That post was backed up by Straight Blast Gym head coach John Kavanagh who was in Iceland with a group of his students, including McGregor, at the time.

It’s become a regular occurrence for SBG fighters to undergo training in the home country of Gunnar Nelson in the run-up to fights and McGregor seemed to be enjoying his time training at Mjölnir MMA.

But following the shock announcement of his retirement, McGregor was approached by Icelandic media outlet MMA Frettir for an interview.

Clearly ‘The Notorious’ wasn’t in the mood to talk as he was quoted as responding with “No, I’m retired, fuck interviews.”

Have we really seen the last of the outspoken, interview-savy McGregor?