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13th Nov 2016

Conor McGregor proves his class when answering question about Eddie Alvarez

'This is the real McGregor'

Carl Kinsella

Despite his impressive history, it was clear just minutes into his bout with Conor McGregor that Eddie Alvarez was drastically outmatched by the Irishman…

It proved to be a comfortable win for Conor, who claimed a second UFC division belt after knocking out his opponent in the second round. Nevertheless, McGregor showed that for all his fighting talk, he actually has great respect for his opponents.

It shone through in an interview he did after the fight while wearing a belt on either shoulder.

“I knew he was tough. I was thinking ‘how many smacks could he take?’ But he’s tough. He’s a tough, tough dude and he’s fought all over the world, so I’ve nothing but respect for him.

”I know it’s probably a rough one on him and his team but he came, nothing but respect for him, we touched gloves pre-fight so… He’s a good man, good solid fighter, nothing but respect.

“But it’s my night tonight.”

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