Conor McGregor offers to 'buy Man Utd' as Ed Woodward resigns 1 year ago

Conor McGregor offers to 'buy Man Utd' as Ed Woodward resigns

From one unsavoury owner to, quite frankly, another

UFC star Conor McGregor has offered to buy Manchester United following Ed Woodward's departure from the club.


Conor McGregor's fighting career and general behaviour have been rightfully called into question over the past few years, but his entrepreneurial spirit still seems plenty strong. Aside from sporting sponsorships and various other endorsements, the fighter spends just as much energy doing business and, apparently, he now wants a crack at one of the big boys.

According to a post he sent from his own Twitter account, McGregor is considering buying Manchester United. In case you've been living under a rock, this comes after Ed Woodward's departure and, once again, calls for the Glazer ownership to finally sell up following their shocking attempt to join the now splintered Super League.


McGregor is a well-known United fan and although he may not share the same sport, he has always been "attracted to the success and winning mentality of the club and people surrounded by United".

Speaking in an interview with the club itself, he said that he admired "Irish legends like Denis Irwin and Roy Keane", who "were dedicated to their craft and had that winning mentality. Roy Keane was one of the best midfielders European football has ever seen. Opponents would be mentally beaten before they’d even stepped on to the pitch to face him".

He has also been vocal with his praise of current manager, Ole Gunnar Solskjær, in the past; he shared this tweet back in January 2019, when Solskjær went on an incredible run after being appointed caretaker manager - and ultimately went on to be given the permanent position.


Having recently sold his Proper 12 whiskey company for £112 million and consequently doubling his net worth - not to mention still running a line of luxury clothing with high-end brand, David August - its fair to say that McGregor is a wealthy man.

Whether or not he has enough money to buy Manchester United is another question entirely.


Following United's initial announcement that they would be joining the European Super League, the club's value shot up by around 8.5 percent on the New York Stock Exchange. Although it has since dropped by £150 million following the Super League collapse, it is still one the most valuable clubs in world football.

Question is, would United fans want to see Conor McGregor buy their club?