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19th Jul 2017

Conor McGregor looks to be in the shape of his life as he trains in Las Vegas

Rounds on rounds

Patrick McCarry

As he reflected on the Brooklyn leg of his world tour, Conor McGregor marvelled at the images coming through from the Barclays Center.

The Brooklyn stop on the four-city world tour will not be remembered too fondly by those in attendance – it started late, the sound was dreadful, both McGregor and Mayweather were spent – but a few moments stood out.

McGregor showed up in an ensemble that would cost most ordinary workers a couple years’ work but was content, at times, to ease off his $41,000 mink and “flex”.

“Look at the shape I’m in,” he proclaimed back-stage, later that night.

During that tour, McGregor also reflected on how boxing is so easy for him. He told Fight Hub:

“There’s no padding on the elbows, there’s no padding on the shin bone, on the foot. It’s like going through a car crash – a five-minute round in MMA.

“That’s why I’m saying this here – this game is easy! I’m telling you right now. I wake up feeling so good… and I’m getting in super shape.”

McGregor is now in Las Vegas as the clock winds down to his August 26 clash. He has been training at the UFC’s Performance Institute just off South Torrey Pines Drive and no-one can deny that he is in incredible shape.

The institute’s ‘Performance Optimisation Floor’ boasts nutrition consultation and physical therapy suites, a hydrotherapy area, recovery zone [with cryotherapy chamber & low level laser light therapy pod], altitude chamber, S&C area, indoor and outdoor tracks.

The UFC also has a full-size boxing ring and McGregor took full advantage of it. That looks like Owen Roddy, his striking coach, absorbing the barrage.

Once the Dubliner’s heavy workout was done, it was off to the cryo-chamber for recovery, in temperatures of -278 degrees.

He then visited the hydrotherapy area and did some endurance work on the underwater treadmill:

Another day done.

Another day closer.