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08th Apr 2017

Conor McGregor is at Aintree for the Grand National and he is a sight to behold

You can't miss him

Ben Kiely

He wears what he wants, he wears what he waaaants, Conor McGregor, he wears what he wants.

If you haven’t already figured it out by now, we can assure you, Conor McGregor doesn’t give a fuck. Particularly when it comes to his outfits.

He’s come a long way from the days of throwing on the custom-made three-piece suit for every occasion. recently we’ve seen him don the El Chapo shirt and that very memorable fur coat at the UFC 205 press conference, but when he made the trip across the water for the Aintree Grand National, he had a unique outfit for the event.

Seeing the early videos emerge of his arrival in the UK, you wouldn’t have guessed what his ensemble for the racing was going to be. Coming off the plane he donned the everyman attire of a hoodie, pants and runners.

Then when he arrived, the photos starting coming out of what he settled on. In his defence, it’s a fairly glorious day, so the shades and buttoned-down shirt combo is kind of justified. It just looks a bit strange in a sea of very sweaty race goers in suits.

The UFC superstar is clearly used to being a celebrity at this stage. When the cameras started snapping, he was ready to strike a pose that they had been hoping for.

Not even a horse’s arse in the face could spoil the party.

Never change, McGregor. Never change.