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13th Jul 2017

Conor McGregor has torn Floyd Mayweather to shreds

What a show in Toronto

Patrick McCarry

“To all the little, puny boxing pundits, you’re f**king crazy if you think this guy has a chance. His head is too little!”

Holy Mother of God, this was amazing. Conor McGregor is up and he is sprinting.

McGregor may have gotten off to a slow start on the Mayweather vs. McGregor world tour but he came out the blocks for the second leg like a champion.

Toronto was the showcase and Toronto was the stage, with hordes of UFC fans, Irishmen and Irishwomen going buck mad.

Once again, McGregor was first out and this time he was in his absolute element. When Mayweather finally joined him on stage, there was a face off more intense and verbal than anything we saw in Los Angeles.

“You’re getting f**ked,” McGregor roared.

“Eat sh*t,” Mayweather replied and replied again.

When UFC president Dana White finally introduced his man, ‘The Notorious’ brought is own microphone and, after checking it worked, he declared, “I guess I don’t f**king need this one!”

Everyone in McGregor’s way got a taste – Showtime, Mayweather’s crew, the fighter and his father.

This was the man, the performer and promoter, we expected to see and wanted to see in L.A and he was amped up beyond belief. His delivery was sound and close to the bone.

After going non-stop for six minutes, McGregor waved off attempts for him to wrap it up – “I’m not getting off this mic! I want him to come take this mic from me!”

He then turned on Mayweather’s appearance, saying he was a 40-year-old dressed like a child of 10. He then produced his line of the night:

“He’s 40 years of age carrying a schoolbag on stage. What are you doing with a f**king schoolbag? You can’t even read!”

The Dubliner was done and Mayweather’s strong start to the tour was already looking tired, with the same chants and insults. White copped an insult and was then apologised too. He laughed at both.

Things got interesting when Mayweather got hold of an Irish flag. McGregor responded by grabbing hold of the infamous schoolbag and laughing, “There’s only about five grand in this!!”

Credit: Showtime [via YouTube]
Sensational stuff.

As Brendan Schaub declared at the end, ‘That was a 10-8 round for my boy McGregor.”

No arguing with that. McGregor is back.

As he declared, strutting off-stage, “I kicked his ass today.”