Conor McGregor gives pre-match speech to Boston Bruins 1 year ago

Conor McGregor gives pre-match speech to Boston Bruins

The teamtalk was prior to the Bruins match with the Columbus Blue Jackets

Former two-weight UFC champion Conor McGregor was invited into the Boston Bruins dressing room before their 2-1 win over the Columbus Blue Jackets on Saturday.

McGregor was in Chicago for the city's St. Patrick's Day parade but made the trip to Boston for the Bruins home game and went into the dressing before the game to try and rally the six-time Stanley Cup champions.

"It's an honour for me to come in here and drop this puck for you," said McGregor.

"I'm going to drop it and you are going to take it, and you are going to take it and put it through the opposition net at 300 miles per hour, and if anyone is in the way of that net you're going to put them through the fucking net also.

"Let's go get it boys. St. Patrick's fucking day!"

Earlier this week, McGregor reached out to rival Tony Ferguson after his wife Cristina requested a domestic violence restraining order against him.

According to MMA Fighting, officers from the Santa Ana (Calif.) Police Department were sent to “remove” Tony Ferguson’s 2-year-old son from him following Cristina’s restraining order filing.

Cristina released a statement on the order through her attorney claiming:

"Tony Ferguson is a good husband and good father to our son. The current legal proceedings are part of a process to ensure that Tony will receive the help necessary to continue being the best possible husband and father, as well as to pursue his passion and career as a UFC champion fighter."

"All positive well wishes are sincerely appreciated and I hope our privacy will be respected."

McGregor, who has verbally sparred with Ferguson at several points over the last few years, reached out to the Lightweight contender and felt that he could come back stronger than ever.