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25th Jun 2017

Conor McGregor’s classy gesture will have everyone hoping he knocks Floyd Mayweather out

So much respect

Ben Kiely

We get it, we understand why Conor McGregor has so many detractors.

We understand why the arrogance, the bold predictions, the insulting trash talk, the reluctance to defend a belt and the outrageous displays of wealth cause so many noses to wrinkle in disgust.

We can comprehend why even fans of ‘The Notorious’ don’t want him to succeed in the impossible task of beating Floyd Mayweather. The consequences that scenario could have on boxing, and indeed, his lemmings in the UFC is a concern.

We can grasp why some of you don’t like McGregor, but every so often, he does something that even his haters have to acknowledge exudes class.

While preparing for that diamond-encrusted panty night against Mayweather on August 26, McGregor took some time out to make an unannounced visit to Crumlin Children’s Hospital in Dublin, not far from where he grew up and first began learning the fistic arts in Crumlin Boxing club as a youth.

McGregor didn’t publicise the visit. He didn’t tweet it out to his hordes of Twitter followers. He didn’t make a video for his website or Instagram account. He simply walked from room to room and talked to anyone who needed to talk.

He may be just one month shy of the most lucrative night of his life, but there are certain moments in life that money cannot buy. Wide smiles like these are absolutely priceless.