UFC champion finally releases footage of infamous 'knock out' of rival in sparring 4 years ago

UFC champion finally releases footage of infamous 'knock out' of rival in sparring

Cody Garbrandt has made good on his promise of releasing the footage of his 'knockout' of TJ Dillashaw in sparring.

It has been just over eight months since TJ Dillashaw challenged Cody Garbrandt to release whatever footage he had of the supposed training room knockout when they were teammates at Team Alpha Male.


After 'No Love' teased releasing the clip to the world, Dillashaw went on the MMA Hour and told him to either shit or get his presumably heavily-inked ass off the pot.

“Put it out there, and if it did, I must not remember it because I got knocked out. It didn’t happen.”

A couple of days before the top two 135 lbers in the world are set the settle their differences at UFC 217, Garbrandt decided to drop the clip to his hordes of followers on Instagram. This footage was released the same week Chris Holdsworth broke his silence on that infamous Dillashaw cheap shot that concussed him.


There are a few issues with the footage that a few people have picked up on.

Firstly, the quality is not very good. He clearly recorded the video from another screen which has resulted in it being fairly distorted. However, it does look like Dillashaw and Garbrandt sparring each other in the video. Unless they've managed to get two lads who can mimic their stances and striking styles to fabricate the whole thing, which seems incredibly unlikely.


The other main issue folks had was it was simply too short. We see Dillashaw get clipped and fall down, but the footage doesn't run long enough to see if he actually got knocked out or not.

Garbrandt maintains that his cinder-block fists hurt him badly though and that had he not been sparring a teammate, he would have absolutely annihilated him.

Whether or not Garbrandt knocked Dillashaw out in the past seems unimportant now. On Sunday morning, he'll have to prove that he can successfully defend his belt against his bitter rival in Madison Square Garden.