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26th Jun 2017

Bodybuilder actually shows up to ‘fight’ UFC champion Cody Garbrandt, hilarity ensues

He couldn't get out of there quick enough

Ben Kiely

Cody Garbrandt’s feud with that meathead is the weirdest MMA beef since Dana White agreed to box Tito Ortiz.

Cody Garbrandt was scheduled to defend his title against TJ Dillashaw at UFC 213, but injury saw that scrap postponed.

Dillashaw then began looking for a flyweight title shot with Demetrious Johnson. Garbrandt sent out a tweet suggesting that Dillashaw waited for him to heal up so that they could duke it out as planned, which resulted in a call-out from bodybuilder Matthew Kline Kader.

The two engaged in a Twitter back-and-forth culminating in Garbrandt tweeting the address of his gym, telling Kader to let him know when he wants to settle this once and for all. Remarkably, the bodybuilder called his bluff and sent a screenshot of a plane ticket he purchased to go to Sacramento in June. He also claimed that he’s bringing a camera crew to document everything.

SBG head coach put up a generous offer to ensure that the bodybuilder actually showed up. If they fought, Kavanagh would donate $1,000 to charity. If Kader won, he promised to add another zero to the donation.

While it didn’t seem like something that could actually materialise, there is a precedence. UFC veteran Josh Neer gave a social media troll a savage beatdown after he kept pestering him abusive messages. The subsequent footage from the one-sided annihilation went viral.

Kader had been relentlessly promoting the fight on his Instagram account shortly after the beef started. He uploaded photoshopped posters, promos and did everything he could to hype the fight. So he would have made himself look like a right fool if he didn’t turn up as promised.

That magic date arrived and Cody Garbrandt didn’t find him upon arrival at the gym. He left his phone number at the front desk on the off-chance the bodybuilder arrived later.

The chances of this fight happening weren’t looking good as Kader insisted that Kader DM’d his phone number.

Garbrandt’s reply suggested that Kader actually did turn up, but high-tailed it out of there before he could confront his adversary.

But wait a minute, what about that camera crew he was supposed to bring with him? Surely they captured the event in all its glory!

Sure enough, they did.

If you thought that Kader would have looked like even more of a fool if he didn’t show up, you would be dead wrong. He recorded his arrival at the gym on one of his social media channels and after a lot of macho posturing, he got the fuck out of dodge.

One of Garbrandt’s Team Alpha Male teammates came out to greet Kader. He took so much enjoyment out of the bodybuilder’s presence, that Kader had to leave.

Check out the amazing footage of the exchange in the video embedded below.