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03rd Aug 2016

Everyone is taking the piss out of Mark Clattenburg’s hilarious tattoo


Nooruddean Choudry

Oh Mark. Mark, Mark, Mark.

Mark Clattenburg is not your average referee. Whether it’s the hair gel or the fake tan or the fact that he actually joined a football agency used by players (that he was ordered to sever ties with), the Consett official often behaves more like a superstar footballer than a matchday arbitrator.

He is regularly mocked by football supporters everywhere, despite the fact he is now widely regarded as the country’s top ranked official. You don’t get selected to referee the FA Cup final, Champions League final and European Championships final in a matter of months without being good at your job.

But it is his preening persona that draws both criticism and mockery. Many feel that he is more interested in self-promotion and his personal image than doing his job properly. Perhaps it’s because we aren’t used to a Geordie Shore era official. Maybe he is the future of the profession.

That said, his latest footballer-style move is like manna from heaven for pisstakers everywhere. You see, Clattenburg has only gone and got himself a very prominent tattoo. It’s of the Champions League trophy, and it’s on his wrist. No, this is not a drill…

Presumable to mark the fact that Clatts took charge of this year’s European Cup final between Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid in Milan, it is a bold move by someone not averse to making big calls… Snapchat