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26th Apr 2019

Chelsea’s new home and away kits have been leaked and they’re not very nice at all

Wayne Farry

chelsea kit

As the football season ends, leaked kit season begins

Leaked football kit season is one of the game’s greatest traditions, blessing us with a bounty of kits ranging from absolutely mouthwatering to astonishingly shit.

Chelsea have had some, erm, decent kits since they left adidas for Nike. All that can really be said about them is that they’re blue and very, very plain.

The word ‘plain’ though is not a word which can be associated with their new kit, or at least what appears to be their new kit which was leaked this week.

The kit, again by Nike, features the customary swish, the Chelsea crest and the Yokohama logo, but it’s the pattern on the shirt which has drawn the most attention.

chelsea kit

chelsea kit

Now, it’s not a bad kit necessarily. The colour is nice, but then again everyone agrees that blue is a good colour, so no one is really getting any plaudits for that.

The main problem with is the fact that it looks more like a knock-off of itself than it does a real kit. The fragmented pattern of what appears to be Stamford Bridge is a nice idea, but it doesn’t work.

A little white V-neck would have gone a long way to helping this one look semi-decent, but instead we’re left with something that looks like it should be hanging on the side of a stall in Magaluf.

Their away kit for next season also appears to have been leaked and unfortunately it actually makes the home kit look decent.

chelsea kit