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02nd Nov 2018

Chaos ensues on the pitch after Istanbul derby between Fenerbahçe and Galatasaray

A full-on brawl ensued in the centre-circle after Fenerbahce stole a point against Galatasaray in the Istanbul derby this evening

Reuben Pinder

Istanbul derbies are never quiet

Galatasaray vs Fenerbahçe on a Friday night was never going to make it through its entirety without a fight breaking out, let’s be honest.

Derby matches between Istanbul sides are famously heated, and this one was no different. Although, this time it was not the fans causing trouble but the players.

After the game ended 2-2, and the players went to shake hands, to absolutely nobody’s surprise, there weren’t a lot of handshakes.

Jailson Siqueira, the Brazilian midfielder who scored Fenerbahçe’s equaliser appeared to be in the centre of a brawl, with many Galatasaray players chasing after him.

Wisely, Jailson legged it straight down the tunnel, not confident in his ability to take on eleven angry opponents on his own.